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Anyone over 18 years with Spanish nationality or residence in Spain . You must pass a medical test , pass theory and practical tests and not have any disabilityin order to obtain a driving license.
In order to sit the exam you must present the following documents : Medical Certificate
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Photocopy of identity card or a valid residence card.
  • Medical Certificate
You have 3 chances to each proceeding. If you pass the theory test first time, you still have two opportunities for the practical and theory examination, if pass the theory exam the second time you have 1 chance for the practical.
It is a multiple-choice test consisting of 30 questions. You have 30 minutes to do it and to qualify as suitable you are only allowed 3 mistakes or less. You can see the result of your exam on the following link:
The test takes about 25 minutes. It takes place on roads open to traffic, on motorways and ordinary roads, and urban routes in the town of Alicante .. IYou will be accompanied by your teacher, and the examiner will sit in the back seat.  To qualify with a fail would be because you have commit any of the following or more of those listed:
  • 10 misdemeanors
  • Five minor offenses and 1 deficient
  • 2 deficient faults
  • 1 disqualifying fault
Once you approve the theory exam will have a time limit of two years to pass the test. If you do not lose the suitable consiguieras in theoretical and would have to introduce again.

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